Whosits & Whatsits Says Goodbye

Whosits & Whatsits has always supported those who never wanted to grow up. Those who continued to stay enamored by stories gone by and find the magic in every moment. Being a part of this community has provided formidable friendships, space to create and the hope to follow a dream. It has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will forever hold a deeply special place in our hearts.

You made this all possible. You became a source of inspiration and motivation. You set your calendars for product drops, visited conventions and pop-ups, and shared your style with the rest of the world. You included us in your proposals and baby announcements. What an absolute honor being even the smallest part of your own memory-making.

It's been an incredible 12 years you’ve spent with us and it’s with a heavy heart we say our goodbyes. You made Whosits mean so much more than a piece of your wardrobe and we will forever be indebted to your love and support. Thank you for sharing this unbelievable journey with us. Here’s to never growing up and finding new dreams!

With faith, trust, and pixie dust,
Whosits & Whatsits