DIY Tie Dye Pride Lands Tee

DIY Tie Dye Pride Lands Tee

If you want the most extra 90's Lion King vibes, tie dye our Pride Lands tee. Check out our video, or follow our step by step below, to create your own one of a kind tee.


You will need: 

 step 1

Step 1:

Submerge shirt in water.


step 2

Step 2:

Lay shirt flat on a countertop or table. Then, put your thumb and index finger in the center of the shirt and pinch. Spin in a circular motion, spiraling the shirt around the center point.


step 3

Step 3:

Place rubber bands around it to keep it in place.


step 4

Step 4:

Prep your space for dye. Tie dying is a very messy business. To prevent unwanted dye accidents, set up a table with a plastic covering (like a plastic tablecloth or garbage bags) outside or away from any furniture or carpet. Consider using a cookie drying rack to elevate your shirt above your workstation, to give you the best access to every angle of it.

Glove up and add water to bottles. Each dye package should come with directions listing specific amounts and proportions of dye to water.


step 5

Step 5:

Add color to shirt segments. Alternate color placements. Flip shirt and repeat.


step 6

Step 6:

Wrap shirt entirely in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight.


step 7

Step 7:

Rinse until water runs clear then hand wash shirt with cold water. Leave it out to dry.






Use a bleach pen to remove dye from unwanted spots on shirt or design.


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*Disclaimer: Results may vary. Whosits & Whatsits is not responsible for the outcome of your tee.


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