PODCAST: Whosits & Whatsits // The Sartorial Geek

PODCAST: Whosits & Whatsits // The Sartorial Geek

On a special episode of The Sartorial Geek podcast, host Jordandené discusses Disney Love with Whosits & Whatsits CEO Tiffany Mink and art director Matt Newman. Learn how the company got started as a simple Etsy store in order to pay the bills into the independent boutique that is known and loved today.

Other topics include the origin story of the original Neverland Beanie, Dapper Day at Disneyland, favorite underrated Disney movies, Megacon Orlando, and the future of Whosits & Whatsits. Listen closely as Tiffany spills the beans on some new upcoming Whosits products.

Listen below and enjoy!



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