PRODUCT RELEASE: 3 New Winter Beanies

PRODUCT RELEASE: 3 New Winter Beanies

Looking for a new beanie from Whosits & Whatsits? How about 3 new beanies?! Yes, that's right! We have 3 new beanies available today for your next cold night in the Disney parks, or just to wear while laying around the fireplace this holiday season.


Intergalactic Delivery Boy Beanie

First up, we have the Intergalactic Delivery Boy Beanie inspired by Pixar/Disney's Toy Story. This bright, electric blue with lime green pom beanie is the perfect accessory for any delivery boy (or girl). But you have to be quicker than the Claw to get this item…because only a limited quantity of these were made. 

pizza planet beanie
Did you know...
This beanie is a follow-up to our popular Delivery Boy Snapback, that was released back in August 2014 (pictured below). Only 250 of those exist, so they have become one of the rarest Whosits gems to own. Perhaps the hat will return to our galaxy someday...

pizza planet snapback


Street Rat Slouchy Beanie

Riff raff? Street rat? We don't buy that! Next, we have the Street Rat Slouchy Beanie inspired by Disney's AladdinThis deep red, subtle ripped beanie with a little magic lamp detail is the fitting accessory for your Agrabah adventures. 

Street Rat Beanie


Premium Lost Princess Beanie

May we present the return of the Lost Princess! The final beanie returns to our store from last winter: The Premium Lost Princess Beanie inspired by Disney's Tangled. This is a limited edition beanie based off our current Lost Princess Beanie style. A thick, heavy knit purple beanie featuring a plush pom and accented with a sun in a glittery, golden thread. It is a seasonal item in limited quantity, so you can only find it here this time of year. 

Lost Princess Beanie


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